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Want to see the beauty and wildlife of Alaska or British Columbia without having to endure a cruise ship of up to 2,500 passengers? We can help!

Climb aboard one of our many small ships and experience Alaska and British Columbia in a much different—and far more rewarding—way than is possible on large cruise ships.

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Choose from our many comfortable ships—each carrying fewer than 100 passengers—to get a front row seat on the natural spectacle of the areas we visit. Their relatively small size and excellent maneuverability allows us to explore hidden wilderness areas, visit and learn about locations of cultural and historical significance, and experience Alaska and the British Columbia coast in ways that will surprise, delight and enrich you.

As the large cruise ships travel from point A to point B adhering to the same itineraries that have been used for decades, our cruises search out points in between A and B. This is where wildlife can be seen along the shoreline, from the ships bow and from the water-level perspective of a kayak rather than passing before your eyes from a mile or more away.

While our trips don’t offer onboard casinos, Vegas-style shows, endless buffets and dress-up dinners, they do offer comfort, excellent food and experienced naturalist guides who will help you see wildlife, enjoy activities like kayaking and hiking and understand the natural world through which you’ll be traveling.

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