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Alaska and British Columbia Cruises

Leave the enormous 2,500-passenger cruise ships behind and see Alaska the way it’s meant to be seen. You want to see Alaska’s wildlife and natural beauty—not the inside of one gift shop after another at the usual ports of call. Climb aboard one of our many small ships and experience Alaska and coastal British Columbia in a much different, more intimate and far more rewarding way!

When I first approached TravelWild I thought it was the usual travel agency service. I was impressed by the kindness and transparency in showing all the possible opportunities. Definitely recommended.

F. Crema

Small Ships—The Best Way To See Alaska

As the large cruise ships travel from point A to point B adhering to the same itineraries they've been used for decades, our Alaska cruises search out points in between A and B. Our trips are about wildlife, remote waterways, and natural beauty on a scale that boggles the mind. Leave behind the onboard casinos and Vegas-style entertainment, for a better way to see Alaska's untamed wilderness!

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