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Planning a trip to Antarctica? You've come to the right place! We're polar travel experts with more than 30 years experience and we can help you find the perfect "Trip of a Lifetime." Our extensive knowledge of small ship cruises to Antarctica—along with our commitment to matching you with a trip that best fits your interests—makes TravelWild the place to turn when you're ready to visit the 7th Continent!

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The most popular and affordable trips to Antarctica are those that visit the Antarctic Peninsula. You'll explore the most accessible part of the continent, going ashore frequently for closeup encounters with Antarctica's legendary wildlife, cruise through spectacular waterways lined with soaring glaciated mountains and enjoy optional activities such as kayaking in areas inaccessible by foot. Choose from our broad selection of ships, itineraries and departure dates, ensuring you'll find the perfect adventure that fits your travel interests and schedule.


If you're looking for a truly EPIC adventure, this is it! These trips provide an in-depth exploration of three distinct regions: the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. Each area offers something different, but all are rich in history, offer unparalleled scenery and abundant wildlife. South Georgia alone is worth the trip and it's considered by many to be one of the top wildlife destinations on the planet, on par with East Africa and the Galápagos Islands. Travelers of all backgrounds and interests will enjoy these cruises.


Most of our trips fall into the two categories above—and those are the trips we recommend for most travelers. However, some Antarctica trips aren't so easily categorized and you can find out more about these trips at the link below.

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