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With a variety of wildlife, unique history and culture, and multiple countries to visit, it's no wonder people of all interests travel to the Arctic! TravelWild Expeditions offers a variety of Arctic adventures so you can find the perfect trip. Cruise to the "Top of the World" and stand at 90 degrees north on one of our North Pole cruises, explore the awe-inspiring High Arctic scenery of Greenland and Canada, or discover the "Land of Fire and Ice" in Iceland. When you're ready for a unique and highly-memorable adventure, the Arctic awaits you—and we're here to help get you there!

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Experience the richness and beauty of the North Country environment, where plants and animals have superbly adapted to the region's austere conditions. Unlike explorers of yesteryear, you’ll journey in comfort traveling aboard one of many modern expedition vessels, sailing through lands only recently unlocked from their glacial imprisonment.

The immense area that comprises the Arctic offers a lifetime of travel exploration. From a cruise to the North Pole at the top of the world, to in-depth explorations of Arctic coastlines in Greenland, Canada, Iceland and Russia, there are plenty of cruises that will entice any traveler who dreams of seeing the Far North. We offer you numerous options to explore and experience this fascinating and remote part of our planet.

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