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On our Arctic cruises you’ll experience the richness and beauty of the North Country environment, where plants and animals have superbly adapted to the region's austere conditions. Unlike explorers of yesteryear, you’ll journey in comfort traveling aboard one of many modern expedition vessels, sailing through lands only recently unlocked from their glacial imprisonment.

The immense area that comprises the Arctic offers a lifetime of travel exploration. From a cruise to the North Pole at the top of the world, to in-depth explorations of Arctic coastlines in Greenland, Canada, Iceland and Russia, there are plenty of cruises that will entice any traveler who dreams of seeing the Far North. We offer you numerous options to explore and experience this fascinating and remote part of our planet.


Far and away the best way to experience the Far North is on a cruise to Spitsbergen. We are so fond of Spitsbergen, in fact, that we have created a separate area on our website to highlight this destination.

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North Pole Cruises

Just over a century ago, no human had ever stood at 90 degrees north—the heroic efforts of the world's greatest explorers notwithstanding. Now you can visit a destination that has remained inaccessible for all but a handful of scientists, hearty explorers and very lucky travelers. If you've ever dreamed about what it would be like to stand on the "top" of the world—at the geographic North Pole—TravelWild Expeditions can help make your dream come true!

Climb aboard a nuclear-powered icebreaker and marvel as it plows through meter-thick ice in the Arctic Ocean toward one of the most prized destinations for intrepid travelers—the North Pole. En route to the pole, we'll watch for a variety of Arctic wildlife that inhabit the waters and icepack, including polar bears, walruses, narwhals, whales, seals and numerous species of seabirds. On board our comfortable ship, a staff of naturalists will provide an understanding of the awesome world through which we cruise. When we reach our destination, we'll celebrate by standing—on pack ice or in our Zodiac landing craft, depending on ice conditions—and raise a glass to standing on the norther-most spot on the planet. Join us and add your name to the exclusive list of explorers who have been here before us!

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