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Cool Things from the Ice

Posted July 4, 2011 @ 6:42pm | by TravelWild

You’d have to be under an iceberg to have missed the story about Happy Feet, the Emperor penguin who somehow ended up in New Zealand, 2000 miles from home. You’ve probably heard about his belly full of sand and his unexpected patrons. But why was Happy Feet so far off course? Here’s one theory:

Ecologists think that the evolutionary reason for roaming animals, often called stragglers, is that, by chance they may arrive at a suitable place to live, then settle down and start a new colony, therefore extending the range. –The Dominion Post

Icebergs are big. Really, really big.

A slab of ice the size of Bermuda, which broke off a Greenland glacier in August last year, is making headway towards Canada.

The 62.5 square-kilometre island, known as PII-A, is currently off the coast of Labrador and is expected to reach Newfoundland in about three weeks if it continues at its current speed of 0.6 kilometres an hour. — Ice News

The Amundson vs. Scott race for the South Pole is a heart wrenching story of exploration, determination and tragedy. There’s a new book out that acknowledges Scott not for his failure, but for his contributions to science.

Scott’s work forever changed science, Larson says; along with explorer Ernest Shackleton, Scott discovered the concept of global ecology. — NPR

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