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Cool Things from the Ice

Posted November 30, 2010 @ 5:35pm | by TravelWild

On Gadling, Kraig Becker helps you understand a little about the impact of your travels on the Antarctica’s ecosystem.

Clearly the report demonstrates how fragile the environment is there, and how important it is to protect it – something the IAATO has a vested interest in. The organization works with its members to help limit the impact of travel to the region, and in the process reduce their carbon footprint. The idea is for travelers to visit but have zero impact on the place, ensuring that it remains a healthy and vital destination for future adventure travelers to enjoy as well.

Good has a compelling infographic up entitled Who Owns Antarctica? “The truth is, no one technically owns Antarctica in whole.” In addition to showing you who has claims on what land, there’s a high level timeline of Antarctica geopolitics and oh, just check it out, it’s really interesting.

Meet the Weddell Seal. Here’s a video introduction to this only in Antarctica critter. The videos are gorgeous — after you watch this one, click through and watch the others on the Audobon Magazine site.

Still can’t get enough? The Weddell Seal Science crew has their own YouTube channel.

On any given summer day, you might find a softball game in progress in one of the cargo yards, complete with blanket-wrapped spectators cheering on the action. And the action is intense — with no grass on the field to slow down a grounder, it’s a fast-paced game.

It’s not what you think — that summer day is down at McMurdo Station, Antarctica’s largest community. They’re serious about their recreation. Serious about sports at end of the Earth on ESPN

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