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FREE South Georgia eBook!

Posted July 11, 2014 @ 10:07am | by TravelWild Expeditions

Free South Georgia eBookOur sister company Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris specializes in photography tours to destinations throughout the world. In 2013, Photo Safaris offered a cruise to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands exclusively for photographers. While the group was in South Georgia, they learned about efforts being made to eradicate rats from the island. These rats were inadvertently introduced during the island's whaling days and they have nearly decimated certain populations of seabirds that nest on South Georgia.

The rat eradication program—more commonly known as the South Georgia Habitat Restoration Project—is spearheaded by South Georgia Heritage Trust. During the cruise, the expedition leaders solicited voluntary donations from clients who wanted to contribute to the project and over $5,500 was contributed.

When the trip was over, Photo Safaris owner/director Joe Van Os wanted to do more to help raise awareness and money for the habitat restoration program. He asked clients from the trip if they would be willing to contribute some of their South Georgia photos to compile into an eBook aimed at promoting the project. Clients rose (again) to the occasion and contributed hundreds of images that were then edited down to create the free eBook you’ll find at the link below.

We hope you will enjoy the eBook and consider making a donation to the South Georgia Habitat Restoration Project ensuring the survival of many of the islands endemic species. More information on how you can make a contribution are included on page 81 of the eBook.



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