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Polar Bear Stalking Walruses in Spitsbergen

Posted October 23, 2008 @ 4:46pm | by TravelWild

This photo of a polar bear stalking walruses was taken on one of our Spitsbergen Cruises by Expedition Leader/photographer Gary Alt.  According to Expedition Leader Dennis Mense:

“We spotted this bear ambling along in the pack ice on the northeast coast of Spitsbergen sniffing the air. He then took a certain direction and it turned out that he had detected the walrus. He spent about 45 minutes stalking them. When he got within a 100 yds or so he went into the water (you can see all the water leads in the picure) where the ice had separated and did a water stalk. He went from one lead to the other by diving under the ice; getting closer all the time. He came out of the water when he was about 25 yds away from the walrus, but turned and headed away from them. He then did a 180 and came to within 10 yds of them (this is where you see him in the picture) before the walruses went into the water. It was all very exciting….all to do with timing on our part and the bear’s. I think he was just checking to see if there was a young one that he could ‘dine with!’”

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