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Polar Bears Fight Over Seal in Spitsbergen

Posted October 29, 2008 @ 4:49pm | by TravelWild

We thought the last video clip we posted was pretty good…and then we got the clip below from Louisa Mak taken on a 2003 Spitsbergen cruise!

If you’ve ever wondered what you might see on a Spitsbergen cruise, Louisa’s video gives you a great idea of the possibilities. Starting with two polar bears fighting over a seal, it also shows a bear coming a few feet from the bow of a ship, frolicking walruses, a dive-bombing arctic tern and a black guillemot swimming. Just a few of the sights you might see on a given day in Spitsbergen.

Thanks for sending the video, Louisa—it’s thrilling stuff to see!  You can see some more of Louisa’s excellent wildlife photos on her website

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