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Renowned bear biologist, conservationist and veteran TravelWild Expeditions leader Chris Morgan looks forward to sharing his passion and remarkable knowledge of polar bears and arctic ecology with travelers on TravelWild’s 2012 chartered cruise to Spitsbergen. But all eight species of bears are Chris’s obsession. Having studied bears over the past 15 years on every continent where they are found, his research is now making a media splash.

This Sunday, May 8th, begins a 3-part series for PBS Nature: Bears of the Last Frontier and two nights later, on Tuesday, May 10, Chris will be a guest on The Late Show with David Letterman, talking about his project, BEARTREK.

BEARTREK is a film and media campaign showing the world’s wild places—through the eyes of the bear. From grizzlies in the northwestern United States to sun bears in Borneo and polar bears in Spitsbergen, Chris Morgan will take viewers on an epic global motorcycle adventure, showing through film, science and education that wildlife and people can—and must—share our planet.

As travelers we understand the importance of integrating the human experience with the beauty and ecology of our planet. Chris Morgan and BEARTREK work to ensure that the last remaining wild places stay intact. “What’s good for bears is good for humans,” he likes to say.

BEARTREK and Chris’s ability to connect wildlife conservation with our own humanity may be a cornerstone in saving our planet. With five out of the eight species of bears threatened with extinction, Chris’s work is urgent. You can support bear protection by donating here (

Watch him on David Letterman next week and on the PBS Nature series on May 8,15 and 22, learn about the importance of his conservation projects, and then donate to his efforts to tell the story of our planet’s bears and why we humans need them.

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