Starting in the bustling city of Montevideo, cruise to the historic Falkland Islands while learning about their history and wildlife. Rockhopper penguins will make you laugh at their antics, and Gentoos and Magellanic penguins can be found here as well. Pay tribute to Sir Ernest Shackleton at his gravesite in South Georgia. Learn about the decades of whaling, and enjoy the return of wildlife to this area since then – including 100,000 King penguins, elephant seals and fur seals galore.

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Day 1: Montevideo
Arrive anytime and be transferred to your hotel. Enjoy exploring this beautiful capital of Uruguay with its colorful neighborhoods.

Day 2: Depart Montevideo
Enjoy breakfast at your hotel then join a group transfer to the ship in the early afternoon. Start cruising southward this evening towards the Falkland Islands.

Days 3-5: At Sea
Meet your Expedition Leader and get an overview of the trip. Lectures and educational talks share the natural history and human endeavors in Antarctica. Watch for albatross and other seabirds swirling around the rear deck, and keep an eye out for whales and dolphins.

Days 6-7: Falkland Islands
Visit this remote British outpost that has been fought over for centuries. Learn the history, and enjoy the colorful houses of the hardy locals. Here you’ll see the animated, wild-haired Rockhopper penguins, as well as Magellanic and Gentoo penguins. Sheep are plentiful and watch for black-browed albatross, king cormorants, giant petrels, night herons and skuas – along with sea lions.

Days 8-9: At Sea
Heading east to South Georgia Island, listen to experts about the history and terrain. Keep an eye out for whales and seabirds.

Days 10-13: South Georgia Islands
South Georgia was named for King George III after the famous Captain James Cook landed there in January of 1775. Here is an abundance of wildlife not to be believed, including 100,000 King penguins blanketing the plains. At least 25 species of breeding birds are found here, including wandering albatrosses. You will see evidence of the decades of whaling until 40 years ago. And visit Sir Ernest Shackelton’s grave where his wife laid him to rest after his return to Antarctica (1922); initially, he landed there after losing his ship, Endurance, in 1916.

Days 14-15: At Sea
Keep an eye out across the Scotia Sea for whales, seals and seabirds.

Days 16-19: South Shetland Islands, Antarctica
At the end of the Antarctic winter, there is much snow and sea ice; seals can be found on ice flows, and penguins abound. We’ll visit Gentoo, Adelie and Chinstrap penguin rookeries, watch for seals such as the Crabeater, Weddell and Leopard seals, and hopefully see Minke, Orca and Humpback whales that thrive here on shrimp-like krill.

These are exquisitely beautiful rugged islands. Attempts will be made to land twice a day so you can experience the variety of wildlife and extreme scenery. Shackleton made this destination famous when he and crew from his sunken Endurance managed to survive against horrendous odds; they charted a course from Elephant Island to South Georgia, and clambered over steep terrain to the Stromness Harbour whaling station.

Days 20-21: Drake Passage
Try to absorb this magnificent adventure while crossing the famous convergence of Antarctic waters. Named after Sir Francis Drake, it offers sightings of seabirds such as 3 types of Albatross and Cape Petrels. The crossing can be quite dramatic or mellow, but it is amazing to be a part of the expansiveness of the open ocean.

Day 22: Depart Ushuaia
After breakfast onboard, disembark in beautiful Ushuaia, Argentina. The steep mountains and islands with so much water around make this a fantasy setting; enjoy the colorful shops and energy in this remote, adventurer’s destination.


  • Visit the bustling city of Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Explore the famous Falkland Islands and learn the history while visiting locals
  • Experience the antics of Rockhopper penguins; visit Magellanic and Gentoos penguins as well
  • Note the variety and abundance of wildlife of South Georgia since whaling days
  • Visit the grave of Sir Ernest Shackleton, the famous explorer whose ship Endurance sunk
  • Prepare to be overwhelmed by 100,000 King penguins spread over plains
  • Enjoy extraordinary views of mountains, glaciers, icebergs and much wildlife in the South Shetland Islands
  • Cross the Drake Passage known for strong seas and winds of the Antarctic convergence
  • Explore delightful Ushuaia, Argentina in its exquisitely beautiful setting of steep islands and deep water


  • 20 nights onboard the Expedition
  • Arrival transfer from airport in Montevideo for flights arriving on Day 1
  • Departure transfer to Ushuaia airport depending on disembarkation day
  • 1 night accommodation with breakfast in Montevideo
  • Zodiac cruises and shore landings with our expert expedition team
  • Lecture and educational programs
  • Waterproof boots supplied for men's USA sizes 8-14 and women's USA sizes 3-9
  • Expedition parka
  • Antarctica destination guidebook
  • All meals included aboard the M/S Expedition
  • 1 Expedition team member per 10 guests

Adventure Options

  • Kayaking:
    • $1,499 (2019 departure)
    • $1,449 (2020 departure)

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of expedition cruising, itineraries are subject to change due to weather, ice conditions, natural and cultural events, wildlife viewing opportunities and other logistical considerations. In general, a ship's crew will endeavor to complete the itinerary provided, but the ultimate decision lies with the ship's captain and expedition leaders.

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