Journey by classic three-masted schooner into the world's largest and most photogenic fjord system. Photograph colorful autumn tundra, towering glaciers, massive wave-sculpted icebergs, and graphic arctic landscapes bathed in long, low sunset light. Aurora borealis a possibility.

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Aug 25, 2020 - Sep 5, 2020$11,995


Please note cabin arrangements: $15,995 Single (12 cabins available) $11,995 Twin for couples or close friends sharing a cabin (3 shared cabins available). Fees include round-trip charter flights Iceland/Greenland.

Day 1 (Aug 25)

Due to our afternoon charter flight departure on August 26, travelers are advised to arrive in Iceland at Keflavik International Airport on August 25 and book a hotel in Keflavik (a suburb of Reykjavik) that night in case of international flight and luggage delays to prepare for the following afternoon’s flight to Greenland.

Keflavik International Airport is Iceland’s principal airport and all flights originating from the US or Europe arrive there. For those arriving prior to Aug 25, downtown Reykjavik offers many excellent options for accommodations, dining and activities, in and around the city. It takes approximately 45 minutes by “Fly Bus” from the airport to downtown Reykjavik.

Day 2 (Aug 26)

This afternoon we gather at Keflavik International Airport (Keflavikurflugvöllur) for our charter flight to East Greenland. The 1½ hour flight delivers us to Constable Point, on the shore of Hurry Inlet, Scoresby Sound. As the flight approaches the rugged coast of Greenland, with favorable conditions we begin to spot great icebergs drifting southward along the east Greenland current.

Once our flight arrives at Constable Point we will board our vessel, the schooner Rembrandt van Rijn and begin our photographic adventure sailing deep into the Scoresby Sound fjord system. From the comfortable and spacious deck of our ship we photograph the rugged sea and landscapes as we venture deeper into this arctic world. (D)

Day 3

Sunrise finds us cruising along the glaciated Volquart Boons Coast. This morning provides our first opportunity for a Zodiac cruise and a close approach along the glacier shoreline to photograph castellated blue icebergs against stunning glacier and mountain backdrops. Today we make our first landing near Mane Glacier in Vikingebugt, allowing plenty of time to photograph this rocky ice-bound landscape up close. (All meals are included while aboard ship)

Day 4

Sailing deeper into Scoresby Sound brings us to Danmark Island. Our visit here provides a glimpse into the past and an opportunity to photograph the arctic from a historical perspective. Danmark Island is the site of an east Greenland Inuit settlement that was abandoned nearly 200 years ago. This visit provides a rare chance to investigate and photograph a site with well-preserved circular summer stone tent rings, stone food caches, and the remains of traditional winter houses.

This afternoon we plan to continue sailing along the east side of Milne Land, photographing icebergs and reflections along our passage deeper into the fjord.

Days 5-6

Sailing west, photographing our way through this picturesque iceberg filled fjord, our goal is to land on Røde Ø (Red Island). Here the combination of a raw basalt and red sandstone landscape, beset by drifting blue and white icebergs provides new and exciting photographic offerings. With favorable ice conditions we navigate Røde Fjord to photograph this ice-bound landscape from the comfort of the ship.

When conditions allow a landing here, a photography walk over colorful autumn tundra vegetation provides an opportunity for locating musk oxen grazing and basking in the late season light of the short Greenland summer.

Day 7

A morning Zodiac cruise near Røde Ø, allows close-up photography of austere electric blue-white icebergs juxtaposed with the brooding red sedimentary island slopes.

Afternoon will find us sailing through the scenic northern area of Røde Fjord while we keep a close watch for musk oxen roaming the surrounding autumnal landscape.

Day 8

Ø Fjord at just over 40 miles in length is one of the world’s most impressive and dramatic fjords. As our vessel navigates this narrow ice-carved geological wonder, with cameras in hand we shoot ever-changing compositions surrounding us. As we sail, we photograph from the ship while the dramatic mountains that tower more than 6000 feet over head provide us with many intoxicating views to digitally capture from one minute to the next.

Our landing this afternoon allows us the time to create more intimate landscape images ashore, all the while taking in the full view of the surrounding looming spires and occasional grounded iceberg. Day's end finds us tucked into a safe sheltered anchorage in Jyttehavn among the Bjørneøer (Bear) Islands.

Day 9

When colossal bergs drift into the shallower waters of Hall Bredning they become grounded, leaving them to melt and eventually break up. Today offers a chance to photograph in and around what is commonly called an Iceberg Graveyard. Here the jostled and tilted ice forms provide many image-making opportunities. At a later landing near Sydkap, a tundra walk allows for continued photography of the surrounding fjord and intricate tundra details. The sweeping landscape here is home to the hearty resident arctic hares, which are often seen sitting posed, watching over their tundra domain.

Day 10

Today’s afternoon photography excursion explores the cultural landscape of Ittoqqortoormiit—Scoresby Sound’s largest settlement—home to roughly 500 inhabitants. Walking around this northern subsistence village allows us time to capture enduring images of the colorful homes, children, sled dogs, and daily life as seen from the unpaved roads. The stretched and drying skins of seals, musk oxen and polar bears are the reminders that people here still make use of the resources of this severe arctic environment.

Day 11

This morning finds us along the south coast of Jameson Land, photographing the autumn gathering of shorebirds and geese in the lagoon at Kap Stewart. The afternoon takes us further into Hurry Inlet for another opportunity to explore on land and photograph the surrounding arctic terrain. We end this day with our ship anchored near Constable Point.

Day 12 (Sep 5)

We make our final landing at Constable Point this afternoon as we disembark the Rembrandt van Rijn and meet our charter flight back to Keflavik. Due to our late afternoon arrival time (18:35/6:35PM) clients should book a hotel in the Keflavik area if you plan to fly home tomorrow (Sep 5) or in downtown Reykjavik if you have plans to spend extra time in Iceland following our cruise. (BL)

Rembrandt van Rijn

Rembrandt van Rijn

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  • Photograph some of the world's most stunning iceberg landscapes
  • Save 2 days sea travel by flying by chartered plane between Iceland and Greenland
  • Low number of 18 trip participants allows many single rooms on our 33-passenger ship and extra luggage weight allowance on our 30-passenger chartered aircraft
  • Late season sunrises and sunsets produce fantastic glowing landscape images
  • Aurora borealis photography a possibility


PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of expedition cruising, itineraries are subject to change due to weather, ice conditions, natural and cultural events, wildlife viewing opportunities and other logistical considerations. In general, a ship's crew will endeavor to complete the itinerary provided, but the ultimate decision lies with the ship's captain and expedition leaders.

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