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Discover the very best of the Arctic on a Spitsbergen cruise! No other northern destination is as accessible or offers better opportunities for wildlife viewing and iconic Arctic scenery than Spitsbergen, the largest island in Norway's Svalbard archipelago. Many consider Spitsbergen as the top location for viewing polar bears in the wild where you see them among backdrops of ice, glaciers and rugged coastal mountains. While polar bears are a big attraction, there is so much more to do and see in Spitsbergen including optional activities like kayaking, snowshoeing, hiking and more.

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There is no better way to experience the pristine beauty of the Arctic than on a Spitsbergen cruise! These trips offer one of the best opportunities—if not the best opportunity—to view polar bears in the wild. On many of our Spitsbergen cruises, we've watched polar bears hunting seals on the pack ice, swimming between ice floes, traveling with cubs and sparring with rivals over freshly caught prey. Polar bear viewing doesn't get any better than this!

In addition to polar bears, you're likely to see much more wildlife including walruses, reindeer, arctic foxes, bearded, ringed and harp seals, Minke and, occasionally, humpback whales—often at very close range. We'll board inflatable Zodiac boats and cruise along towering sea cliffs, home to tens of thousands of raucous seabirds. Commonly-seen bird species in Spitsbergen include Arctic terns, Arctic skuas, Atlantic puffins, thick-billed murres, dovekies, northern fulmars, long-tailed jaegers, little auks and more. All of these wildlife sightings are made in the relatively benign weather (and calm seas) of Spitsbergen’s summer.

For the more adventurous, many of our ships now offer optional activities such as kayaking, snowshoeing, camping and even polar scuba diving. We even offer trips that cater exclusively to the active adventure crowd.

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