Discover the “Jewel of the Arctic” on a Spitsbergen cruise!

Polar bears, walruses, seals, whales, reindeer and arctic foxes. These are but a few of the amazing things you can expect to see on our trips to Spitsbergen, the largest island in Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago. 

Spitsbergen is the Arctic destination we recommend the most to travelers who want to experience the Far North. And, there is simply no more beautiful or accessible place on Earth to see polar bears—the icons of the North—in the wild than Spitsbergen. 

Our Spitsbergen tours are typically 7 – 10-night cruises. Our days are spent cruising the pack ice in search of polar bears, walruses and seals, cruising along the face of glaciers, and going ashore to take in the island’s stark beauty. 

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 We saw 18 polar bears, most of them on the drift ice. That alone was worth the trip but, additionally, the guides were exceptional and eager to share their knowledge, the crew was terrific, and the ship very comfortable. We really enjoyed the trip. Thanks a lot to all who made a dream come true!

— C. Garces

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Arctic & Spitsbergen Wildlife

Arctic & Spitsbergen Wildlife

On our Spitsbergen cruises much of our time is spent viewing the many species of wildlife found in the Arctic. From polar bears to walruses to towering cliffs filled with seabirds, the thrill of wildlife viewing in Spitsbergen is one of the main reasons people join our trips. Onboard naturalist will help you interpret all you see as you go ashore as well as when you’re cruising through the pack ice in search of polar bears that may be hunting seals, escorting cubs or play-fighting. You can learn more about the wildlife you’ll see at the link below.

Spitsbergen Wildlife

Spitsbergen Videos

Spitsbergen Videos

If we had to choose just one destination in the vast Arctic to recommend visiting, it would be Spitsbergen in Arctic Norway. Spitsbergen is one of the top spots in the world for viewing polar bears in the wild, but you’ll also see most of the Far North’s other iconic species including walruses, reindeer, artic fox, several species of seals and whales, and massive numbers of seabirds. Our Spitsbergen video is a great glimpse into all you’ll see and do on these cruises.

Spitsbergen Videos

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