General Testimonials

  • J. Goldstein

    The staff of both TravelWild Expeditions and the Sea Spirit greatly exceeded our expectations! A phenomenal experience with Antarctica as well as the team that made our trip possible!


Antarctica Cruises

  • S. Long

    TravelWild went above and beyond to make themselves available to me for questions, helped me logistically with planning, referred a stellar trip insurance recommendation and above all they just made things plain easy for me. Every time I reached out they were excited to hear from me and always exuded such contagious positive energy which made me even more excited for my trip. A+ customer service.

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Spitsbergen Cruises

  • C. Garces

    We saw 18 polar bears, most of them on the drift ice. That alone was worth the trip but, additionally, the guides were exceptional and eager to share their knowledge, the crew was terrific, and the ship very comfortable. We really enjoyed the trip. Thanks a lot to all who made a dream come true!

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Arctic Cruises

  • C. Santana

    It is one of the best trips I have done, I think I am very lucky for having this experience. The service, experience and knowledge of the Capitan, crew, staff and leaders are excellent. And the Arctic is so amazing and wonderful, that I know I must return again!!!

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Alaska & BC Cruises

  • F. Crema

    When I first approached TravelWild I thought it was the usual travel agency service. I was impressed by the kindness and transparency in showing all the possible opportunities. Definitely recommended.


Galapagos Cruises

  • D. Ford

    I have traveled extensively but this by far was one of the most extraordinary trips I have ever taken!

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