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Know Where You're Going

Throughout our nearly 40-year history, TravelWild Expeditions has provided the expertise and customer service excellence that make it easy for our clients to join extraordinary journeys to visit and learn about some of the world’s most exciting wildlife and nature locales.

Zodiac cruising in AntarcticaWe specialize in small-ship expeditions and we know them inside and out. We share a passion for these exquisite regions, and members of our staff have worked as expedition leaders, naturalists and program managers on the ships of many of the adventure cruise companies we represent—our leadership experience represents hundreds of voyages!
Over the years we have worked with thousands of satisfied clients and our repeat business is exceptional.

Our objective is to provide a customer-tailored voyage, comfortable accommodations and transport, a concern for the environment and the safety of our clients—all while maximizing the chance for our clients to experience those exceptional and elusive wildlife and nature moments. Travelers expect the spectacular from TravelWild—and that’s what we deliver!

TravelWild Expeditions is operated from an office on rural Vashon Island located in Washington's Puget Sound, a short ferryboat ride from both Seattle and Tacoma. We are a small and efficient company with a staff of dedicated professionals. We intentionally maintain our effective size in order to deliver a superior standard of service and personalized attention.

By taking the time to get to know you—our valued client—and your unique travel preferences, we can best assist you in finding a cruise that is perfect for you. Our staff is renowned for their ability to help make your trip fun and hassle-free. TravelWild’s expertise makes it easy for you to know where you’re going!

If you’re considering a small expedition-ship cruise, you’ve found the right company to help get you there! We are expedition cruise specialists and there are clearly many important benefits to working with our staff to select and book the “trip of a lifetime” cruise. Our expertise gives you the TravelWild Advantage. Here’s why:

Firsthand Experience & In-depth Knowledge

Getting close to a polar bear on the pack ice in Spitsbergen SvalbardFor more than 35 years, our staff has traveled extensively to these remote locations and we know small ship cruising as well as, or better than, anyone in the business. We’ve been on the expedition ships, can offer detailed information about the areas you’ll visit and can tell you about the unparalleled wildlife encounters you’ll have on your cruise. We won’t talk in generalities with you, we’ll provide specifics on what to expect, how to pack and prepare for your cruise and make sure every one of your questions is answered—before you embark. If you want to know what it’s like to walk among 100,000 king penguins on the Salisbury Plain, see a polar bear hunt a ringed seal in Spitsbergen, or watch black bears play and orcas breaching in the Alaskan straights—we’d love to share our personal accounts of these experiences with you.

Speak With An Expert On Expedition Cruising

When you call us about a cruise, you’ll be talking with an expedition cruise expert. We don’t simply send a member of our sales staff on a trip or two to report back on their experience. Our staff has traveled to these remote regions hundreds of times and we’ve all worked on expedition cruises for more than 35 years in various capacities: as expedition leaders, ship’s naturalists, Zodiac drivers, photography leaders and itinerary and on-board program planners. As a result, you’ll speak with someone who will provide detailed and complete answers to any question you may have about your cruise!

More Options

Ship operators who sell their own cruises typically only have a few departures to offer travelers. Because we work with numerous ship operators, we offer you significantly more options than any one of these companies, alone. What does this mean for you? It means that working with TravelWild you will have the greatest chance of finding an expedition cruise that works within your travel schedule and budget and gets you on the ship of your choice.

Visiting South Georgia islandObjectivity

When it comes to expedition cruises, one of the greatest advantages of working with TravelWild Expeditions is our “built-in” objectivity. We work with many excellent ship operators, but we’re beholden to none of them. As you compare different cruises, our unbiased role is to help you sort through the myriad options available and give you an honest assessment of the trips that interest you. In that way, we can match you with the destination, cruise program, ship, departure date and price that works best for you.

Service, Service and more Service!

While helping you find a cruise is an essential part of what we do, that’s only the starting point. Once you’ve chosen a trip, our office staff continues to serve you up to and after your cruise. We provide pre-trip departure information to help you plan, pack and prepare for your journey. We can offer advice on where to buy appropriate clothing and gear for your trip, recommend books to read before you go, suggest how much to tip your guides—even describe the types of electrical outlets found on your ship!

Our Service at No Additional Fee

We do not charge any booking fees for your cruise arrangements. You pay the same price with TravelWild as by booking direct—with much more personalized service and the added value of our expertise at no additional cost. When you book with TravelWild you can rest assured your proposed trip is based on your needs, preferences and specific requirements, and not based on commission.

TravelWild has been in the “trip of a lifetime” business since 1980. Our knowledge of expedition cruising may only be surpassed by our passion for sharing the experience with our clients! We fully understand the ins and outs of small ship expedition cruising, and are uniquely qualified to assist you in preparation for your next adventure!

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