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The TravelWild Expeditions staff is a team of professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience in the adventure travel business. Our primary goal is to serve you—our client—by helping you select from the many expedition cruise options available. When you call us, you will speak with someone who is knowledgeable, helpful and an expert on the area you wish to visit. We are lucky to have such an experienced, capable staff and we hope you will have a chance to work with some of them when choosing and planning your Arctic or Antarctic cruise!


TravelWild Staff Members

Jenny Snowden

If you've traveled with us or called about one of our trips, you've undoubtedly spoken with Jenny Snowden who handles Sales and Registration. Jenny joined us in 2014 as our Tour Registrar and her exceptional customer service skills made an immediate and positive impact. Having traveled to Antarctica and the Arctic, she can give you firsthand accounts of the experience you’ll have on your trip. Jenny also  assists clients in a number of ways as they prepare for their trip—ensuring they have all the necessary documents and paperwork completed, handling billing and payments, advising clients on travel insurance and helping them purchase policies, and acting as a liaison with our many ship operators. In addition to working with clients and suppliers, Jenny uses her background in editing and graphic design to maintain TravelWild's website.

Snowden, Jenny

Rick Vanselow

Rick has been with TravelWild Expeditions since 1994 and is the General Manager. He manages the company’s business affairs and helps give shape to TravelWild’s overall direction. While most of his time is spent working “behind the scenes,” he has traveled extensively, including voyages aboard several ships in Spitsbergen, Greenland, Arctic Canada, Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands. He has been known to occasionally drive Zodiacs on expeditions and always enjoys the opportunity to travel with clients and learn firsthand about their travel experiences.

Vanselow, Rick

Joe Van Os

Joe is perhaps best-known as the Director of Joseph Van Os Photo Safaris—an international nature and wildlife photography tour company. While that company bears his name, he is, in fact, equally involved with the development and management of TravelWild Expeditions. In fact, TravelWild was originally called Joseph Van Os Nature Tours and later changed to TravelWild to avoid confusion. Joe is a consummate naturalist who has traveled extensively for the past few decades to view and photograph wildlife in remote areas throughout the world. His polar travels have taken him to Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falkland Islands, Greenland, Iceland and Spitsbergen. Other adventures have taken him to every continent to search for wildlife and photo opportunities.

Van Os, Joe

Shawn Rodenbough

Shawn joined TravelWild in 2014 as bookkeeper and financial officer. In addition to handling the financial transactions, he also works on digital marketing and analytics for the company. Shawn brings a wealth of experience, having worked with companies such as Amazon.com, Bank of America and Applied Precision. When not in the office, Shawn enjoys traveling by ship and visiting exotic destinations around the world.

Rodenbough, Shawn

Shelly Whitlock

Part of our staff since 2007, Shelly enjoys working with suppliers and creating fun adventures for clients. As a youngster, she traveled extensively with her family. She has lived in the Caribbean, South America and Australia—where she learned to windsurf among blue jellyfish and within view of the Sydney Opera House. One of her favorite things to do is get in a run during her lunch hour.  Shelly has rafted down rivers in the Western US and loved her recent trip to Yellowstone National Park in the winter. 

Whitlock, Shelly

Sandie McTighe

Sandie has been part of the company since 2014 and enjoys working behind the scenes to research new travel destinations. With a background in event planning, she focuses on the details that make a trip successful. Her most memorable personal travel adventure was visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg in the middle of a record-breaking cold snap—and fighting to keep her camera, and her fingers, working. Warmer weather will find her camping and hiking on Mt. Rainier, and she can always be found with a good mystery novel in her hands.

McTighe, Sandie

Deborah Richmond

Deborah is our company’s behind-the-scenes expert for what you need to know before your trip begins. Since joining TravelWild in 1995, she has researched destinations and worked closely with our suppliers and trip leaders to design, assemble and present many of our company’s trips. She also manages much of our company’s pre-tour information and, when not making art, walking her English springer spaniel or reading, has traveled throughout the world. 

Richmond, Deborah
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